‘Lay down more Love’

Strange day, Okay though. Remembered a track we were writing back with ‘Local Chemistry,’ Harry McGuvnor, Dave Jenkins and Jesse Harding at the time. Jesse came up with the Riff, or was it Dave, anyway, it matched something i was doing and I had a friend there, Ken Abis. He had his dog with him called ‘More Love’ and from that came the lyric ‘Lay Down More Love.’ Harry, as I remember had a riff on the Piano that was in the same Key and I really wanted to mix it in, but we never got to fuse it together.
We performed the track once live at ‘The Crown’ in Glastonbury. It’s time to get that track out, somehow fuse those parts together.. contact Harry..

‘Lay down more Love’ © 2011 W R DAVIES

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