King Arthur and Sunrise..

20th May supporting the 32-20’s

The set’s starting to really take shape as the summer UK festival season gets under way. Friday 20th saw a gig supporting the wonderful 32-20’s at the King Arthur pub in Glastonbury. The band joined me for the final track, ‘The ‘Ol Highway’ a track written in the back of a van in New Zealand touring round the South Island. ‘Another Platform’ was weak but the new track ‘I Feel Fine’ was better than expected.

This was the perfect opportunity to warm up for the Sunrise festival which kicks of on tue the 2nd at a site near Bruton, Somerset. Really looking forward to it as i’m working with Gem on the sound desk for most of the festival. I have two gigs, firstly opening the ‘Spit n Sawdust stage on the thursday night at 7pm. Then on Dave Sangers ‘Horsedrawn’ stage later over the weekend time tbc.

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