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The Green Gathering 2014 at Chepstow was inspiring in 2 ways. Firstly watching Rory Mcloud was a real pleasure, I’ve heard him round the campfire and caught brief glimpses of him before, but I really got to see this show and he blew me away. He really knows the sound he’s looking for and his guitar was fantastic. He’s a singer songwriter with a folk feel but more than that, his use of a stomp box built into a piece of 6×8 board really got me thinking. Earlier in the day, I’d set up my own Stompbox for the first time on a stage that was resonating every time I tapped my feet. In the past I’ve stayed away from using the box because I find over long periods my foot aches and I can’t keep up the beat. Not having to worry about that or the position of the box was much easier and I found a lot more freedom using the box. Watching Rory effectively doing the same thing tied it all in. I think Tom Waits also used this to great effect although I’ve never seen his show.

The other inspiration, was a talk which described the history of the gathering and called for a more encompassing strategy for the Green movement. The host called for a blanket organisation designed to pull together various different groups in order to gain a unified voice, primarily in the fight on global warming. This left me debating a few things in my head. Firstly, the idea that the movement will gain popularity and weight all of its own accord in a organic way, versus, a need to act in order to affect change. Can we infact affect change upon such a thing as a world’s Eco system or the fate of a planet, which some would argue is an organism and evolving in its own way? Or can we save our humble excitable existence by some how affecting change amongst ourselves to end what seems to be this very destructive and wounded behaviour. 

Secondly, even if we do accept that the latter argument is better suited than just sitting back and enjoying the view! Are we wise to use a political system that has failed us for almost a century,! Can there be real gain from setting up an organisation that will attempt to utilise this system to put pressure on MP’s bartering for their constituents. The points raised by one gentleman in the audience, who has  complained to the BBC for not representing a valid unbiased opinion, made me think that we can achieve our ends by engaging in pro-active communication, informing and educating people upon the subject matter. it is time to start preaching. Not only to the converted, as we tend to do at gatherings like this, but to the harder folk, as one friend once said, swim out to the middle of the river and offer a hand to those on the opposing bank if they swim across, then we meet on neutral ground. 

So in conclusion I’m inspired in two ways. I will continue to perform and improve my skills and i will engage with people more upon these issues. I believe in a call to consciousness on the question of climate. On the questions of education and sustainability aswell as permaculture and farming, food production / consumption and most importantly our use / production  and knowledge of the processes of energy and indeed change.
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