the Rifleman’s and the Arthur,.

Wednesday night at the Rife’s, a venture that started out back in 2007 with Durban Poison, and friends, Mark and Jamuna and Paul O’Reilly., the night ran for 2 years in the end, I booked the headline acts and produced a local gig listing magazine called the G.A.S. mag,. It stood for Glastonbury Alternative Scene’s and we had everything from Rock to Hip Hop and back through folk to Soul ! It was great, good times,. And yet I spent a lot of time and effort in the Rifleman’s.. And now it seems I’m going back again,. This time though, I know I can only be there for one Month,. Which is great because I believe the Wednesday nights worked best when we allowed others to have a go,. So I’m glad to say that Whitedog has a month long residency at the Rifes and that i will be inviting as many of my friends as I can to come and have a play,. I think it’ll work out ok..

Which turns me to the Arthur, the place for live music in Glastonbury today, which after being a popular place to go whilst the Riflemans has been in decline,. has, it seems, attracted some of the darker side! Okay, I left my laptop unattended, for moments, maybe even minutes, possibly even, an hour! Not sure, I was playing Chess, which was great, but my good friends had to leave and I didn’t realise or remember that my Laptop was still under the table,. Under the table that is before someone decided to claim it as they’re own,. Which is inconvenient cos I got a lot of posters and things to do,. There are ways mind. I could use this iPad to Guerilla style some flyers and email them to the printer which reminds me that I’ve got to take the guitar tomorrow to Jam with Smiffy,. 
Now don’t get me wrong, because I really love what the King Arthur pub now stands for , it really is doing what it said it would and putting on Live Music every night,. I love it,. I just hope they understand that I wanted to play these two pubs,. I’m starting a music night back at the old Haunt up the road,. And many would be glad to come I think,. Wahey. I’ve been negotiating with Cameron about a Thursday night gig at the Arthur for quite sometime,. We’ve had dates flying around,. It’s not flowing too well. I want to play for Cameron as he does have a good heart and he wants the music,. I want to play down the Arthur as much as I want to play at the Rife’s. these are both gigs in the same town,. Our home town of Glastonbury, Avalon.
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