I have been in England and performing with Samantha Barry on Fiddle and Graham Smith,
or ‘Smiffy’ on Double Bass. We’ve played a few dates but three have been memorable. The
first was at Enfest, which was our first event of the Summer. The second was a two song set
at the open mic every tuesday at the Hawthorns in Glastonbury. And the third was last
Thursday at the King Arthur, also Glastonbury.

I’m attempting to co-ordinate the recording sessions to finish the album. I still have £470
of the money donated and have about 3-4 songs in the bag. These sessions are to be
recorded at St. Dunstons house, which is right next to the Abbey grounds.

We’re going to record another 4 songs live acoustic.  Were looking forward to this immensely,
i cant wait to play you the results. To all those who have donated and joined through the website,
you’ve helped me to get to this stage in the process of recording an album and that record is
nearly with us.

I have uploaded a track to the web for you to listen to….

thankyou for listening.
much love


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