Been a while,. Rollin Stones “pass the wine” on the stereo, feelin it at the moment. Progress on the album is afoot however. Laid down some Bass n Guitar on Flowers the other week,. Gotta get Sam in now to embellish it. I think Sam works best in the cans, ‘o apart from certain intimate live gigs,. She can shine. the gig on Friday at the King Arthur was grand, didn’t feel like our last at all. Smiffy has been a legend, is a legend and im going to give the man my 12 string guitar. Such a long time since last rehearsal and they both remembered everything. Hoping we can still get a version of Coffeeshop crossroads down before I leave for Australia.

Still time to get Gareth Austin on Banjo…
Then I think if I cunt correctly that’ll be 7 tracks..
Rollin On
I feel fine
Another Platform 
Coffeeshop crossroads
Train Story
Ill see again (Hive version)
Plus 2 more to go,.
The Ol Highway.. &
There is also “A Little light for you” unreleased, as such.. 
So this is the Album as its shaping up,. 
I love the way that music so seems to me! Last night I hit play on the music random play button and was treated to ‘ Alice in Chains -them bones’ first, an Alice in Chains T-Shirt and then Bert Jansch, lovely Hand picking, style on the 6string. 
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