Getting going..

“It doesn’t matter what you get done, as long as you get going.” Anon.

Really,.? Because, I have so many unfinished projects it not true,. I’m very good at getting going, it’s finishing that I have a problem with,! Reading back over posts from a year ago I realise I’m no further along the road! The Album is still not complete, no time to finish, concentrate, anything,. But the money is coming in,. An absolute opposite to the UK where I had the time and the resources, but no money!
I’ve been listening back to the tracks recorded in the UK last Summer, I really didn’t get any further with the Album. The live show with Sam and Smiffy took the music in a slightly different direction and working with them both was a hugely enjoyable experience, one that reminded me what being in a group is like,. The feeling of having others working with you for shared goals. I realise that everything material became hard back in the UK but I’m starting to realise that the development of the self in a spiritual /personal development sense was working behind the lines in that time. That the Album itself moved not nearly an inch but the attitude to record a really good record was in nurturing. I have employed an attitude that the timing of this album has to be in alignment with producing the best Record possible with the songs I have. And that means going over the tracks that are not yet working again and again until they sound right. 
I have to work on the best album possible,..St Cecilia was urging me to get it right, to produce something that I am proud of today and for the rest of my days. So I cannot possibly say I didn’t really do that right. And for this end I am dedicated. 
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