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Cease and Desist – Akademia

I have received a letter from the Akademia legal team suggesting legal action for libel and slander regarding my Blog post about my experience with them,. I have therefore removed the post from my site.. whilst seeking legal advice. W

A Letter to my Crowdfunders: the Abbey release notes

So after 4 years I am extremely glad to announce that I have finally released a 5 track CD and Digital download and called it simply ‘The Abbey’. I have split the release of the album into two EP length releases ‘the Abbey’ and ‘St. Cecilia’. Most of the tracks on this release where recorded […]

The Tipping Point

When to quit the day job.! As an Independent artist the hardest thing to reach is ‘The tipping point.’ By which I mean, the point where there is enough momentum in your music career that you can give up the day job without risking the security of your family. ‘The Tipping Point’ catch 22 is […]

Coffeeshop Crossroads Lyrics Video

 I’ve just posted a video for the song ‘Coffeeshop Crossroads’ on YouTube. Here is the link.> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-edTjgrDvA The song is about not knowing which is the right way to go, always having several options available to us can be quite disconcerting at times. It was written in a cafe back in 2002 in Glastonbury and […]

Getting going..

“It doesn’t matter what you get done, as long as you get going.” Anon. Really,.? Because, I have so many unfinished projects it not true,. I’m very good at getting going, it’s finishing that I have a problem with,! Reading back over posts from a year ago I realise I’m no further along the road! […]


Been a while,. Rollin Stones “pass the wine” on the stereo, feelin it at the moment. Progress on the album is afoot however. Laid down some Bass n Guitar on Flowers the other week,. Gotta get Sam in now to embellish it. I think Sam works best in the cans, ‘o apart from certain intimate […]

I have been in England and performing with Samantha Barry on Fiddle and Graham Smith, or ‘Smiffy’ on Double Bass. We’ve played a few dates but three have been memorable. The first was at Enfest, which was our first event of the Summer. The second was a two song set at the open mic every […]

the Rifleman’s and the Arthur,.

Wednesday night at the Rife’s, a venture that started out back in 2007 with Durban Poison, and friends, Mark and Jamuna and Paul O’Reilly., the night ran for 2 years in the end, I booked the headline acts and produced a local gig listing magazine called the G.A.S. mag,. It stood for Glastonbury Alternative Scene’s […]