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Thinking Green

The Green Gathering 2014 at Chepstow was inspiring in 2 ways. Firstly watching Rory Mcloud was a real pleasure, I’ve heard him round the campfire and caught brief glimpses of him before, but I really got to see this show and he blew me away. He really knows the sound he’s looking for and his […]

Glastonbury Festival 2014

A great way to arrive in the UK after the mission that was getting here. Glastonbury never fails to deliver in its size and chaotic vibe.. The masses start to arrive Wednesday and quickly the population of this makeshift city swells to nearly 200,000. I think it’s almost impossible to see every aspect of this […]

Return to the UK..

Really looking forward to a return to the UK now. I haven’t had as good a response for festival dates as I’d hoped, however, I’ll be at Glastonbury which gives opportunity to play in several of the smaller venue’s. I’m glad to say that Smithy and Sam have agreed to play on festival dates over […]

Open mics.

It’s been busy these last few weeks. I made a promise to myself back in January to get out there more and start to build some momentous  to releasing an album.. That has happened with a tour of the open mic circuit here on the Border. I’ve played at the Kinross and the Albion here […]

Streetcar Named Desire

I find myself watching ‘A Street Car Named Desire’ on the screen and I’m amazed, stunned. I realise I’ve seen it before and a similar sensation came to me then as is now. These movie stars of the 50’s could really act.!! When was the last time you watched a piece of film that has […]

June 2013, Glastonbury Festival.

To all my wonderful friends and the mad masses who are partying hard on the last night of Glastonbury festival 2013, on the other side of the planet..  As I check the clock it is exactly 12:12! at twelve minutes past midnight my friends will be gathered in tents and tipi’s in fine voice and […]

MAY 2013

I’m playing music again. hooray! I have listened to the album cuts over the last week, plus i’m rehearsing material for solo shows, just got to book some gigs now!. Last weekend I started writing a track for TAXI, found that i couldn’t afford to submit it but felt good about the production technique and […]

down an blues

What can i say, January has floated by and i’ve hardly played a guitar. Still, have heard through friends that there’s a guy named Evan down in Melbourne who’s just opened a studio.  He’s looking for artists and i’m looking for somewhere to record, so fingers crossed. I’m seriously finding it hard at the moment […]

January album update

I wanted to give you all an update on the progress of the album. “St. Cecilia & the Abbey.” I thank you all for your donations which successfully reached our target with the final amount pledged at £959 ($1,471.) Whilst in England we laid down the backbone for 3 tracks at Hive studio’s and added […]