St. Cecilia: Success

November 2012
We’ve done it. The target was reached today with one day to go and I’m still rubbing my eye’s. Kind donations from Australia and a few from here in Glastonbury saw us over the line. I’m recording with the fantastic ‘Jez Hellard’ tomorrow and then with ‘Gareth Austin’ on Tuesday but it’s hard to see how i’m going to get all the material recorded here before we leave. I’m going to take the project back to Oz with me. Will have to find a few cats out there that can play. It’s getting to me a bit, because obviously, the album title includes ‘The Abbey’ which refers to the abbey here in Glastonbury. To me the ‘Abbey’ is the congregation, it’s the musicians that are coming together to play on this album. I don’t feel i’ve captured enough Avalonian spirit on this album yet. Which leaves me to wonder whether I’ll have to come back to finish it off. We’ve 5 tracks ready to be mixed which is not a bad start and ‘St. Cecilia’ has been watching over us, of that i’m sure.

Hive studio’s OCT2012

Well we’re a third of the way through the pitch and just short of target. You guys have pledged £347, which is thirty percent of the total needed to make this a successful pitch. Sat saw the first of several sessions at ‘Hive studio’s’ in Glastonbury. Smiffy and Gem combined to record drums and bass on the track ‘I Feel Fine.’ The session went really well despite some severe gremlins in the machine. This is where intuition comes in and I have to say had i listened to my flow i’d have spent a little more time with the track rather than expecting to get two tracks down in the session. I kinda knew that it wasn’t right to finish on ‘I Feel Fine,’ and that we weren’t going to get a rough cut of ‘Rollin On.’ we fumbled an hour on a guide track that just wasn’t ready for recording over. You live and you learn and a good chat with a gentleman in the pub reminded me to get in the flow and allow this project to happen rather than stubbornly forcing my will and dictating the play. The monitor mix from the session at Hive studio’s is up on Soundcloud.


The Crowdsurfer pitch goes live tonight at 00:00hrs. I’m really exited, i’ve never done anything like this before and i’m really glad to have found crowdsurfer; . To open the proceedings i’m playing at an open mic here in Glastonbury at The Hawthorns. The Pitch will, I hope raise enough money to record the album in a professional manner. I want to offer the musicians a real incentive to get involved, they are as much friends whom I hope will get the funding off the ground. I look forward to the next 30 days with a certain glee and I look forward to reporting back on the progress as it’s made. w

August Albums in Avalon

So good to be back. I love the smell of the Summer in England. There’s a kind of moisture in the air or is it the cut grass? Made it back for my Birthday which was spent with Family and than travelled down to Avalon. First stop Off Grid festival and a few organic ale’s with some old friends. Really enjoyed the beer and the company but regret not staying around to see ‘Ten Ton Tongue’ who i dearly love. Or to play myself after an invite from Horsedrawn maestro Dave Sanger.

Planning for the album is now well under way. I’ve still got a little work to do on the guide tracks, mainly mixing the vocals but it’s pretty much there. I’m bringing on board old friend Paul O’Reilly who’s worked with Chris Jagger and Kangaroo Moon amongst many others. His ability to empathise when needed is what i’m looking for in order to get the right people on the record. I’ve got my favourite’s but want Paul to give the tracks a listen and advise. Hoping to be in rehearsals by October 1st so, here goes.

May to June Mooncycle 20-21

The best laid plans of mice and men. ‘Strada 9’ no more, 4 rehearsals in and they’ve let me go.. The waste of time and mind seems not so bad now i’m back on track with original material. It’s reminded me of the intensity a volume of work can have on your mind. And the void was quickly filled with music of my own making.

So the month of May yielded little but lessons still. When your not earning your learning.. Your reality is but that which you project. Dreams are powerful things..
Now June is upon us and the Full moon is beautiful tonight. In full flight recorded tracks ‘I Feel Fine,’ ‘Rolling on’ and ‘Another Platform’ (the latter with harmonica.)
Have in mind now to finish the Album in England. Setting dates to return to the UK.

Looking forward to Avalon soil and water..

Man from Snowy River

What a great gig, after taking part in the Australian Bush Idol competition at the ‘Man from Snowy River Bush festival’ I played 2 songs at the evening show to a crowd of Cowboys. The show was hosted by headliner ‘Korey Levy’ and supported by ‘Fanny Lumsden.’ It was a really great night and i enjoyed being out with the Cowboys. Boy do they know how to “kick up some dust.”

aagh. white dogs everywhere…

To my dismay a band named White Dog released an album in October 2011 with some pretty crazy sounds, some fantastic some awful! So i’m looking into a tradename here and it could cost me.

I’ve been performing as ‘Whitedog’ for 5 years now and have the tat’s to prove it but! Will it stand in court? So i started looking into it and have found that there’s a guy in Benalla, Australia who has a whitedog facebook page and a japanese cat who has a twitter page! There’s a White dog drinks company and a White dog games company.. LOL ‘who let the dogs out?’

‘Lay down more Love’

Strange day, Okay though. Remembered a track we were writing back with ‘Local Chemistry,’ Harry McGuvnor, Dave Jenkins and Jesse Harding at the time. Jesse came up with the Riff, or was it Dave, anyway, it matched something i was doing and I had a friend there, Ken Abis. He had his dog with him called ‘More Love’ and from that came the lyric ‘Lay Down More Love.’ Harry, as I remember had a riff on the Piano that was in the same Key and I really wanted to mix it in, but we never got to fuse it together.
We performed the track once live at ‘The Crown’ in Glastonbury. It’s time to get that track out, somehow fuse those parts together.. contact Harry..

‘Lay down more Love’ © 2011 W R DAVIES

New version of Wipe free as a download..

I’ve released anew version of ‘Wipe’ with a video. here’s my reverbnation playlist as it stands at the moment..

video here

Happy NEW YEAR and new website

Hey thanks for checking out the new website and

May 2011 be everything we all wish, peace, sincerity, serenity all words that spring
to mind. To be honest if i can be brighter just 30% more of the time that’d be good.

Anyway, looking to re-record the vocals for the track ‘Love’ Next week.
Keep on writing, keep on posting, keep on coming back..