Mayhem, McGuvnor and Whitedog form Dr.Ripsleeve

May 2008, from under the organic jam nights at the crown come the distinct three piece, Dr. Ripsleeve. new myspace page ..


sunrise down

Any one due to go to Sunrise..
NME posted a cancelled warning this morning.. My heart goes out to Sunrise and all…


Sunrise or GAS..

Wednesday is traditionally GAS day in the whitedog world..
However today I may be whisked off to be a security guard for the Sunrise festival..
How do we find happiness,, going with the flow. Dave the guitarist is working so it’ll be grand and oh the bands playing.. GR8..


NEW website up..

hello everybody and welcome to my blog..

News : Mywebsite is now available:

New e.p. finished yesterday.. ‘apachedog’ available soon.
You can get my music..