A Letter to my Crowdfunders: the Abbey release notes

So after 4 years I am extremely glad to announce that I have finally released a 5 track CD and Digital download and called it simply ‘The Abbey’. I have split the release of the album into two EP length releases ‘the Abbey’ and ‘St. Cecilia’. Most of the tracks on this release where recorded with Gem at Hive Studio’s in Glastonbury. I still have several guide tracks that i’m working on and 3 new songs that i’m planning to release as soon as possible. This could take a while and that’s why i’m releasing the tracks that are finished and ready.

I have strived to make this the best recording I can and at times my perfectionism has led me down
blind alleys. I re-mixed ‘Rollin On’ three times, re-recorded the vocals three times and took two separate summers in the UK to get all the other instrumentation down. Only two tracks, namely ‘I Feel Fine’ and ‘Another Platform’ were finished in that first summer after you all so kindly donated your hard earned cash to help me realise this dream. ‘Train Story’ was recorded in Australia and then Samantha Barry added Violin and Harmonica in the UK. Gem mixed the track and sent it over but on first listen I wasn’t happy and so, for many months it sat and did nothing. Sometimes you need to let these things alone for a while and after having another listen I realised it was perfect as it was! It’s actually my favourite track on the EP. I was also stuck with the acoustic version of ‘I’ll See Again’ that Sam and I laid down in those first sessions in Glastonbury. The Click track had bled through and I felt that i’d need to re-record. Once I’d dug it out however I realised that i’d only need to re-record the Guitar part and hey presto the track came back to life.

I have more, better songs in me and it is now my intention to sell as many copies as possible of ‘the Abbey’ to help fund the second leg of the journey and get back into recording. Please feel free to share the tracks around if you see fit. All in all I hope that you get something out of having a listen and please know that I would never have completed this important first lap if it hadn’t been for your support. Knowing that I had to deliver to my friends and family kept me going even when the expanses of time in between seemed to engulf me and leave me feeling very low and unable to proceed. I had to finish and so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, your donations keep on giving. I promised you an album and have delivered only an EP length recording. Therefore the story is not finished. I have 5 more tracks unearthing themselves at my fingers and I strive to create the time to realise them. ‘St. Cecilia’ is the patron saint of music and it is in her name that i will finish the recording and writing of the next release.

Thank you, Thankyou, Thankyou all for being my friends and for supporting me with my dream.

Wayne R Davies

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