Coffeeshop Crossroads Lyrics Video

 I’ve just posted a video for the song ‘Coffeeshop Crossroads’ on YouTube. Here is the link.>

The song is about not knowing which is the right way to go, always having several options available to us can be quite disconcerting at times. It was written in a cafe back in 2002 in Glastonbury and I released a version on the back of the single ‘I’ll See Again’ in the same year. I have stripped back a lot of the lyrics since then and changed the way i pick the bass notes with my thumb. It changes the feel a little bit and i’m wondering if i’ve lost some of the original sentiment, which is that no matter the cjoices that we have we are on the road home and hopefully we can find some trust that at the end there is only death and that we cannot possibly be heading in a wrong direction.

Anyway i hope you enjoy the video, thanks for listening,.

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